Fritz Trachsler (1898-1970) had the term FRITRA registered as an official trademark in 1958, after using the name FRITRA already for several years as a single company and brand name.

The company was restructured in 1968 and converted into a private limited company. His son, Hans Trachsler (*1934) was appointed director of the board. FRITRA was realigned as an agency and consulting firm.

Alex Trachsler (*1966) took over the operational business at the beginning of the new millennium from his father, who gradually retired from active business.

In the early years the company dealt with furniture. After 1970 the local production as well as imports from Italy, Austria and other countries became a sideline until finally the whole division was sold to one of our major customers.
In the 1980s FRITRA was organized as a trading company for the goods and machinery import and export. The bulk of turnover was accounted for by related companies or companies owned by the family.

Since 2001, FRITRA operates primarily as a financial company, with current investments in shipping, real estate and consumer electronics. For three generations FRITRA now stands for social capital such as trust, reputation and reliability. Combined with our knowledge and experience, these are the modules of long-term partnerships and sustainable economic success.

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